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Healthcare Data Analytics: Get Companies out of the Weeds!

Data collection is a constant in our world today. As society relies heavily on technology to function on the day-to-day, data driven insights are running the show behind the scenes. For healthcare companies, it is a bit different story. The data is collected. It is stored, tightly and safely. It is sometimes used, but not to its full potential.

There are gems of information hiding in healthcare data. As healthcare costs are increasing at an unsustainable rate, there are cost savings hiding in plain sight. As the opioid epidemic is being fought, there are actionable opportunities being missed. As we develop population health programs, outcomes data is untapped, and programs are underfunded.

What are healthcare companies doing with their data? We are relying on antiquated systems and manual data pulls to accomplish data analytics. We are utilizing our most prized possession - our skilled healthcare workers - to dig through data, pull information, and tell our value story. When we have more robust resources, we are enlisting our IT team and using expensive, cookie cutter data analytics that don't quite work the way we want them to and still require time and effort to glean insights. There is a healthcare/health tech gap.

Get your skilled healthcare workers out of the data weeds! It is time to focus on data analytic solutions that put providers back in front of patients. Efficiencies and cost savings are paramount as we work through staffing shortages, increasing costs, burnout, and complex patient care. Data analytics can help drive down costs, improve patient care, and give back time to our hard-working healthcare teams.

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