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Dashboard Development & Maintenance

Full build or consultant services available

Data Manipulation

From small data pulls to millions of lines, we transform your data and make it functional for the end-user.

Data Analytics

Slice and dice your data in every way imaginable to identify opportunities, follow trends, and find the needle in the haystack outlier.

Data-Driven Insights

Robust analytics are tailored to suit your needs to drive change - from a broad view of your system or population to a specific metric or measure.  

Example Use Cases

There are countless applications for PHD custom dashboards.  If you have data and a problem, we can create a PHD analytics solution.  Here are a few examples of our highly functional interactive dashboards. 

Opioid prescribing analytics dashboard icon

Opioid Prescribing

Small to large healthcare organizations with employed physicians concerned with opioid prescribing practices, opioid stewardship, patient safety, and compliance

Clinical Outcome Monitoring analytics Dashboard Icon

Clinical Outcome Monitoring

Small to large healthcare organizations looking to monitor and/or drive clinical outcomes

health spend analytics dashboard icon

Health Spend

Small to large organizations that provide pharmacy benefit coverage through a self-funded plan or take on financial risk

Efficiency/Productivity analytics Dashboard Icon


Small to large organizations looking to better understand team efficiency & productivity

Care Variation analytics dashboard icon

Care Variation

Medium to large healthcare organizations that are interested in analyzing variation in care between patient service markets, hospitals, clinic locations, or prescribers

P&T Decision Making analytics Dashboard Icon

P&T Decision Monitoring

Small to large healthcare organizations that are interested in monitoring post-P&T decision practices

Need an Expert Consultant?

Get the help of an experienced PHD consultant pharmacist on your project or team.

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