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2023 - The Year of FAITH

I have a practice of reflecting every December. During this time, I take some moments to identify my struggles and achievements, what brought me fulfillment, what aligned with my personality, and what didn't seem to fit. This reflection is crucial for me as it helps me plan out my upcoming year – it points me in the right direction. It helps me figure out what I want to challenge myself with to continue to grow.  To those who know me well, I am a future planner...a big-picture person.  I enjoy setting goals and completing projects, checking them off as I go.  Achievement overdrive, perhaps. 

However, I did something a little different for 2023.  Instead of just having a checklist of goals, I decided to be a little more intentional.  I picked a word – FAITH.  This word guided my goals, my mindset, my direction for the year.  This past year, 2023, was the year of FAITH. 

Why FAITH, you ask?  I was about to do something completely out of character.  My husband, Jesse, and I decided to focus on our business – PharmASSIST Healthcare Dashboards (PHD).  This shift would require a leap of faith.  Focusing on growing our business meant stepping back from my carefully crafted and, on paper – ideal, consultant pharmacist job.  It meant leaving my comfort zone, my area of expertise, my family of co-workers.  It meant handing over my years of work and trusting someone else to provide care for them like I did.  I needed a big dose of FAITH…in myself, in our business, in others, and in my life.

Faith is what I needed, and faith is what I kept in mind throughout 2023.  When I doubted my capabilities, when I wasn’t sure what the next step should be, when I was disappointed and frustrated – FAITH was my mantra.  I kept faith close to my heart, and it provided comfort and direction.  It provided peace of mind and confidence.  It helped me overcome obstacles and find joy in our successes.  This year was a transformational one for me, and I believe having an intentional year of FAITH assisted in it.

I am proud as I reflect on 2023 - our year of faith.  We were able to build our business from the ground up.  We networked with healthcare and health tech professionals throughout the country.  We strove for higher quality healthcare, efficiency for healthcare workers, functional analytics, and reasonable pricing.  We advocated for underserved and forgotten groups, challenged the status quo, and evolved along the way.  We learned, we grew, we became mission oriented.  PharmASSIST Healthcare Dashboards (PHD) is dedicated to providing functional data analytics solutions for healthcare’s toughest problems.  After a year of FAITH, I am confident that this journey is leading us in the right direction.  There is a lot of work to do, and we are poised to help.

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